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I was researching The Holocaust last night and it was terrible and I cried and omg gotta Zayn it's in my mind again18) Have you ever sung in front of a large audience? Having major depression is difficult enough, but a green-eyed stalker, a prophecy intertwined with a fairytale, and a rumor of ghosts has got to take the cake. Rated T/MPercy and Annabeth have been best friends since the 6th grade. Until one day he cheated on me with my half-sister, Drew Tanaka.

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When Annabeth Chase's mother dies, her father remarries. Then Hyde drugged her and they left town to start a new life together. CG's been looking for her and may need to use his sexpertise to awaken Ana's memory when he finds her. Five years later, he finds that Reyna has betrayed him to marry into the elite society she has always desired to be a part of. And as they both try to come to terms with their feelings, she discovers that Percy Jackson has a lot to hide.

He convinced Ana that CG was evil and would never give up Elena. When Percy takes the blame for a crime his girlfriend commits, he loses his chance to pursue his medical career and is sentenced to jail. But trying to play someone you're already in love with proves to be difficult.

(Leo)I secretly ship Thalico even though I know it wont happen... Haymitch voice*I want you to forget all you think you knew about me. No, I don't have time for boys." and then, he said, "I know you want to." Pedophile..2) Where did you get your default picture? Single as a pringle but Im mentally dating 2006 Frank Iero5) Does your crush like you back? No freaking clue, because EVERY single time I think he actually likes me, he stays away. Tired, because I need to sleep.7) What color of underwear are you wearing? Just a simple Vanilla Bean .-.22) What's your biggest secret? Pshhh no *she says while watching Spongebob*25) What are you? jeez, I dunno, I am one thing, but tha one thing isn't me.. Dark Brown37) Who was the last person to make you cry? Percy and Luke have one chance at redemption; save seven demigods, fight their tormentors, defeat Kronos, and save Olympus. Patrick/OCThere's a girl, who pushes her emotions aside. And maybe, just maybe, there's a tiny bit of hope, that together, they can help each other cope. Sofia started making You Tube videos in her room when she was 14. Forty years later, the same thing is done to runaway Thalia Grace and five years later, to a certain Percy Jackson who refuses to utter even a single word.

My profile was last updated in August of last year lmao. I guess the only thing suitable to say, is;"I'm back with tacos you ho Es!! (I'm sill painfully awkward)I am in love with a fictional character! Tronnor for the win..yee1) Have you ever been asked out? I was in, like, fifth grade, and this boy think I liked him, and I said, "Ewww! Raeanne (Weird, I know but I was born into a family with weird names)4) Your current relationship status? Update 2015: HE LIKES MEENOUGH TO DATE ME YEYY2016 update: Lmao he was a big mistake6) What is your current mood? This sounds pathetic, but it's their height.21) What do you usually order from Starbucks? Black or white tbh24) Do you still watch kiddie shows? Petrichor (The smell after it rains)28) Describe your life in one word what would it be? No, it just makes it obvious to other people that you like that person.36) What is your natural hair color? A girl who will cause Patrick to question his sexuality whilst he helps her move on from her past. Instead of killing Hades' remaining children, Nico and Bianca Di Angelo, Poseidon convinces Zeus to make them immortal heirs to Olympus instead, as an alternative to stopping the prophecy from coming true.

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I will most likely only write Fan Fics for Percy Jackson And The Olympians And The Hunger Games...