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Introduction GOCA is pleased to announce the launch of its Web-based offset matrix for its members.This can be a very useful tool to allow members (and ultimately non-members) to connect with other parties interested in offset in the same country.By selecting a particular type of potential contact, you draft an email asking any question you feel appropriate and giving any information you feel comfortable with.

The third party service we used to develop the matrix does have access to the data in the same manner as any data base, but has no interest in or knowledge of offset and will maintain the integrity of the data.

Members can allow as many users as they wish, but all users will be designated as either contractors or third party service providers.

Within 2 hours I had 7 replies with very useful information ranging from Broker quotes to offers from other companies for more information.

Seems like an excellent tool in allowing for anonymous communication that would otherwise take much more time to research.” How to Use the System GOCA members only: To use the system, you will need to request an account and a password. Include in your request your name, company, and email address.

We are, however, unable to provide individual user support on how to work with the offset matrix.

Testimonial “I had the opportunity to use the GOCA Web Site yesterday inquiring to other companies and Brokers about experience in Brazil.Please visit each program page for contact information for the organizations or companies that offer these products."Bystander programs engage men and women not (primarily) as potential perpetrators or victims, but rather as potential bystanders to situations involving sexual or intimate partner violence.A company puts in its interest in various countries – whether it is experienced, or has a need for offset support (& other options). Other companies with an interest in either supporting another company’s offset obligations (usually a service provider) or companies seeking further information/support on a country (usually a defense contractor) can search the data base and send confidential emails, through the system, to companies with expertise or needs.All communications are confidential and do not disclose the sender or receiver.The recipients will not know anything other than what you provide in the message and that it is from a contractor or service provider.