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Mary was pregnant at the time and just weeks from giving birth to their third child, Brianna. She later told police that Matthew had ranted about administration problems he was having as the minister at Selmer's Fourth Street Church of Christ.

The three daughters of Mary Winkler have been in the custody of her in-laws since she was arrested in March 2006.

Previous Developments Mary Winkler Freed After 67 Days Aug.

Convicted Pastor's Wife Seeks New Trial June 7, 2007Mary Winkler, the minister's wife convicted of manslaughter for his death, is seeking a new trial before she has even been sentenced following her first trial.

Defense attorneys filed motions last week seeking a new trial based on several rulings the judge made during her trial regarding testimony the jury was allowed to hear.

Mary Winkler Guilty of Lesser Charge April 19, 2007A jury of ten women and two men found Mary Winkler guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shotgun shooting death of her husband.

Under state law, a conviction of voluntary manslaughter carries a sentence of three to six years, with parole possible after serving 30 percent of the sentence.

Mary Winkler Says Shooting Was Accidental April 19, 2007Mary Winkler told the jury of a man much different from her husband's small-town preacher's public image and said the shotgun accidentally "went boom" as she pointed it at him as he had done to her in the past.

Mary Winkler: ' My Ugly Came Out' April 14, 2007Jurors in the murder trial of Mary Winkler got a glimpse of what may have driven her to shoot her minister husband.

A while back, as I could snatch the opportunity, I read the “Mary Winkler” segment of Ann Rule’s book.

Clearly Rule, along with her Henderson, Tennessee-based research assistant, Beverly Morrison, did a considerable amount of investigation, doubtless reviewing the trial transcript and interviewing a number of people.

She did a respectable job in presenting a balanced survey of the facts of the case. Rule concluded that Matthew Winkler was controlling, and at least a verbally abusive husband—she conceded that the actual evidence for such was very thin and totally undocumented. She argued that Mary alone was involved in the check-kiting criminal scheme that put her family more than ,000 in debt, and that she “played dumb” on the witness stand.