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Citizens are encouraged to remain off the roads for their safety and to allow first responders and emergency personnel to do their jobs during restoration.

There are exemptions to the curfew: All pedestrian and vehicular movement, standing and parking, except for individuals commuting to and from places of employment, the provision of fire, police, emergency and hospital services, medical patients, utility emergency repairs and emergency calls by physicians within the above curfew areas, are prohibited during curfew hours.

Let them know that does not count as making a curfew.

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If the counseling sessions are not successfully completed, or if a child has repeated violations, parents or guardians may be subject to a civil citation or a misdemeanor, carrying a fine of up to 0 and community service.Those youth who are found to be violating the curfew will be taken to Youth Connection Centers.Set the expectation that they are responsible for making it home on time.If you fall asleep before their curfew, make sure they wake you up to let you know they’re home safely.When a child under the age of 13 is taken to a center or when any child’s parent or guardian cannot be located, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services’ Child Protective Services division will be notified.

Baltimore’s curfew is now the toughest law of its kind in the entire country, including amongst those areas with higher violent crime rates. Louis Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee are two of the country’s most violent cities.

The curfew is still in effect, but is being assessed and an update is expected this afternoon.

– Last evening, Mayor Jacobs announced a mandatory curfew to be put into effect for Orange County in an effort to protect the life and safety of all citizens.

Stokes called the curfew bill “a false effort to avoid the more obvious proactive methods we should be using to engage young people, encourage them and give them opportunities for growth.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland opposes the bill as well, and has sent a letter of opposition to the City Council.

ACLU attorney Sonia Kumar said the curfew law “essentially criminalizes people for just being outside,” and could unfairly target children in poor black neighborhoods with a heavy police presence.

Seven elected members make up the Board of County Commissioners including the Mayor who is elected countywide. or go to the Orange County Facebook and Twitter pages.