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My husband and I found ourselves chasing our own shadow (literally), while driving on the Native American reservation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

If you look closely at this photo, you will see that I captured the shadow of our vehicle traveling down the road.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to strengthen my nursing skills through Travel Nursing with Medical Solutions, as well as the personal growth and experiences I've gained.

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Travel Nursing allows my family to explore the country together. The last year and a half has made way for some of the biggest memories and most joyous experiences of our lives. I spent my first travel assignment in New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi Gras, then made my way up the East Coast, where I worked as a summer camp nurse.I spent a gorgeous autumn in New England, and then traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for the winter.For the majority of the world's population, ADJUVANTS in vaccines, not antigens, are the chief cause of AUTISM. Gaston Ramon, a French Immunologist who coined the term adjuvant to describe the chemical immune system stimulant in a vaccine, "infection at the time of vaccination can produce an unpredictably high immune response".In some humans, this can trigger both critically elevated interferon (capable of shutting down or inhibiting BONE MARROW PRODUCTION), and CAUSE a mass kill-off (lysis) of pathogen infected cells (formerly in homeostasis) in people with an infection, or who come from families who have a higher pathogen load and associated HLA-DRB1/DQ/DR/etc., HAPLOTYPE.From hiking to learning the art of distilling the nation's best bourbons, my experience here has been a wonderful starting point.

I cannot wait to explore the United States further!An amazing nurse named Shannon took us to the falls.On this same trip, we were close to Oregon, so we visited a beautiful rose garden.I took a hike up one of the mountains in Aspen, Colorado.It was a snowy hour-and-a-half of steep incline to get to the top.When I reached the top, the stunning view made it all worth it. My first travel assignment brought me to the home of bourbon!