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Defying Singapore immigration’s order to chop off his tresses as a condition for entering the country, Kitaro coolly hopped on the next flight back to Narita with his entourage of band and crew in tow.

“Got beat up by a small group of college jocks in Boston because I had long hair in the late ‘80s,” remembers my friend John Michevich.

“Was literally just walking down the street and they decided to take out their testosterone on me because I had flowing locks and a leather jacket.

Under the unsanitary conditions of the front, soldiers adopted short hair to mitigate the scourge of lice or fleas.” 7. Why did long hair, more than anything else, become synonymous with “hippies”? “My brother and his friend Bill were both long-haired musicians in the late 1960s and early 1970s,” recalls my friend Fifi Brochure.

“Men for the next half century had to measure themselves against the war veterans, to try to give themselves and others the impression that they too could have endured the trenches,” explains Michael Antony in . And so the style of the veteran of the trenches: Short hair, suntan, dangling cigarette… “Bill was driving when they got pulled over in Arkansas.

One of the easy ways to do so was to let their hair grow long. “It’s probably true that prohibitions against long hair in the workplace at the end of the 20th century were related to not wanting to associate with the counterculture,” Petracca says.

“But it had a lot more to do with a premium placed on professionalism.” 16.“There are still companies out there with dress codes and guidelines for appearance,” explains our go-to HR expert Terry Petracca. Some people aren’t comfortable with their banker having a pony tail.” Has long hair on men always been taboo — even on, say, William Wallace? It was customary for men in Ancient Roman to keep their hair short, explains Robert Bartlett, professor of mediaeval history at the University of St Andrews. D.), were called “The Long-Haired Kings.” So much so that rather than murdering each other, they punished their enemies by cutting their hair, which signaled, “You’re no longer king material.” 4.For answers, I spent the last 72 hours scouring the internet and speaking with experts on manes throughout the ages. “If you look at Roman statues, most of them have short hair.” Until that is, the fall of the Roman Empire in 500 A. With the arrival of Germanic tribes such as the Franks, Anglo-Saxons and Visigoths, long hair became a sign of nobility. In fact, Merovingian kings, who ruled what is now France and western Germany in the Early Middle Ages (500 A. Soon after the Norman Conquest in 1066, however, Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury refused to give his blessing to men who “grew their hair like girls.” “It was shocking and countercultural when people started growing out their hair in Norman time — much like the 1970s in America,” Bartlett says.To state the obvious, not all rich men are the same and neither are the women who are looking for them!If we endeavour to breakdown and analyse the attributes of women who can usually attract rich men, we can say that there are two distinct parts to the equation: the women’s physical appearance and their mental capabilities.Perhaps taking inspiration from China’s ongoing Cultural Revolution, the Singapore government actually launched a campaign in May 1973 to coerce and humiliate men into keeping their hair short (“The long-haired may get the sack,” ST, ).