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I can tell that you truly love your wife, but her body does not arouse you. You say that you feel turned on when a good male friend of yours is around at weekends.You say you never do 'anything' with him, sexually.Meetings alternate between venues in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline.

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This is a possible option open to you if you cannot fancy your wife enough to impregnate her in the usual way.

I wish I could do as you say and help you to make love to her - there is no magic formula for this, alas, as you just don't have the feelings.

Obviously you really like women, but this is not quite the same thing as being sexually attracted to them. And I'll come back to whom you should see for counselling in a moment. And I can see how desperately you want to avoid seeing yourself as homosexual.

And that is almost certainly the reason why you cannot make love to your wife. But you cannot - by using your will alone - turn yourself into something you're not.

DIVERSITAY: Diversitay operate an LGBT ( lesbian gay bisexual transgender ) helpline.

Tel: 01382 202620 (Mon between 7-9pm)Email: [email protected] Broken Rainbow: UK wide support for survivors of same sex domestic violence Tel: 02085 399507 (Open Mon to Fri 9am to 1pm, and 2pm to 5pm)Web: Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays: Confidential helplines are run across the UK by voluntary parents of LGB people to support parents and their children Tel: 01454 852418Web: LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing: A Healthy Living Centre initiative which opened in 2003 to promote the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland.Tel: 01Web: Stonewall Information Service: A freephone information service to respond to questions callers have around Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual issues.Tel: 08000 50 20 20(Open Mon to Fri 9.30am to 5.30pm)Web: GROUPS AND SERVICES IN FIFE Transgender Fife Transgender Fife offer a safe meeting place on the first Saturday of each month.I have grown to like/love her now but accepting her into my life took time.I got married ‘off the cuff’ since I was getting ‘old’ – so I just decided to go all the way.I have discovered she is loving, caring and giving.