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If his girlfriend embraces his submissive side, who knows she might be willing to dominate him with me?

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Too bad it only happened for a year—I actually stopped since, eh, it kind of got boring and stuff. Though, I made multiple friends and had a blast, it all ended soon.I made love, hate, and whatever could happen in real life.I would always look forward to it even though I really didn't role-play.I love to laugh and smile a lot, I love making friends, the more the better, right? What I really hate are The worsts bug in the world and I practically scream like I'm dying whenever I see one.With lots of time to kill, Natsu and Lucy must make up, but Lucy has other sensual plans of revenge. Prompt 1: Kiss - "His kisses were scorching, burning, branding into her skin, just like the elemental magic he uses. The show is exactly the same as the real fairy tail but this shows what happens after the filming stops. Lucy's dad isn't supposed to be home until—" Lucy's dad comes home from work earlier than planned and panic ensues. NALU AU Rated M for Sexual Content and Abrasive Language You give me a different fake name everytime you come into this damn coffee shop and I just want to know your real name because you are super cute, but here I am scrawling "Batman" onto your stupid cappuccino.- Nalu/ Gruvia one shot. And, you know what they say: drunk words are the thoughts of a sober mind. (By the way, not sure who's drawing this is, otherwise I'd give credit.)AU/ They were complete strangers, meeting by a chance of fate. Laundry ruins her life a couple times, the barista across the road is far cuter than he has any business being, and this one pair of lacy lingerie really has it out to destroy her. But as their senior year prom rolls around, they begin to experience many problems including: jealousy. Now Lucy has two problems: babysitting the young boy and babysitting Natsu. "Lucy was grabbing his arm, her body full pressed against it, rubbing her breast and making him loose his mind.

And she just couldn't get enough." Ratings may vary. It doesn't take three words, eight letters to say 'I love you'. What happens when Natsu and Lucy don't exactly get along but a chain of events keeps putting them together? Nalu, currently being rewritten."Natsu freezes, his heart skipping a beat, blood turning to ice in his veins. Lucy Heartfilia couldn't believe what she was seeing. His smile stretched from cheek to cheek and she knew, oh she knew, that his smile would be her favourite, even more so than his impressive physique or must-touch pink hair. Her eyes were pleading, expecting him to fall for them. /Rated T for a bit of swearing/Natsu couldn't stop thinking about her.I am willing to listen, give advice, and make friends. :)Come like my facebook page to get updates and such! Hello stalkers or fans of Layna Panda, welcome to my profile.But I doubt any of you will read it because, who wants to read some Bio about somebody? I joined this place around July, 2011 and I'm still here in 2016.(; Though, haters don't really get to me but sometimes, I just snap. Examples: Twilight( Finished it like three months ago. Now, Natsu stands before a gravestone that shouldn't exist, and questions why it had to be her and why she let him go. Lucy figured the academy was a lucky break in her new found teaching career. All the guys lose their minds if she even speaks to them, while Natsu is the only one not affected by her sexy flirts. Natsu enters another drinking game but this time it is with Gajeel and Gray. It was so..." [Halloween Nalu AU]"Red lips that spoke sexiness, a tight black skirt that stuck out her round ass…" Natsu just can't let go his girlfriend go dressed up like that to her friend's party without him, right? Lucy is more than a little eager to get her hands on her favorite Dragon Slayer. People in the guild is asking her all these questions and she can't answer properly. Lucy thinks it's insane enough that she ran away from her wedding, but she's in for a whole new ride of crazy when she meets her cute getaway cab driver. " she asked innocently, moving backwards, luring him to her.I do not get pissed off easily but if you insult me or anyone/anything important to me, don't expect me Okay, this might be a mistake on my part because I never did mention where I got my story covers from and somebody pointed out how pissed off they got because I re-posted it without permission or whatever so I apologize to that anon. ) Fifty shades of Grey Troliogy, The things i've done, Hunger Games, Fifty shades darker, ETC. TV Shows: Whatever I find interesting - I watch a lot of the cooking channel ( I'm not that old but it's fun watching people compete over cooking, kay? Oh how wrong she was.(/Natsu/Lucy/) A cute little Natsu/Lucy oneshot... *sticks tongue out childishly*Most of the time, Natsu saw Lucy as his best friend. But can Natsu prove that he really loves Lucy sincerely? Will Natsu eventually fall for her or does Lucy finally have a challenge? Lucy is absolutely embarrassed and mortified by the things her partner says which include declarations of marriage and information she does not want the rest of the guild to know about their "special" relationship. Taking charge she sets the mood for the night and gifts Natsu with a new outlook on their 'safe' sex life. Now, she has to wait 24 hours for the curse to wear off, but before the curse is over, a particular salmon head has one more question for her. I'm going sprint towards that street corner just to be ahead of him for the first time. "Stealing is illegal you know, Miss Heartfilia", he purred dangerously close to her face, the edge of a threat hanging in the air.I only check a couple things and such when I absolutely a author so yeah, I don't know if you're that type of person to read every single thing on a profile but eh, feel free to stalk me. B]I joined here due to the fact I writing and Fairy Tail.