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And I would advise newbies against saying "hola" or anything else because they will perceive it as a beginning of a beautiful friendship. If anything, I'm respectful and polite, and I love talking to the locals (however my broken Spanish allows).

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I shook their hand when they wanted, and looked at their pictures, and they pretty much let me go on my way when I wanted.I enjoyed the rest of your report, but -- even to avoid touts, I will not wear long pants, real shoes, and a shirt with a t-shirt (no less) in that sun-FRENCH-kissed city.Anyone who has been to a scorching desert knows that layers of loose clothes that cover your skin are the best thing.If you have the audacity to wear long pants, a loose button down with a t-shirt under and real shoes, you are much less of a target.I had offered to fly her in from San Jose but she couldn't get away so she sent me her friends info.

I started communicating with her about three weeks before taking the trip.

As a side note, these ladies can be some of the best in the world, if your taste runs that way.

Thick to thin, tall or petite, faces that could grace a magazine cover and very feminine. " as Shakespeare once said, so I stuck to El Centro. As is evident in the forum, the clock tower area and bars in the immediate vicinity (facing the tower or just around the corner) is where it is easiest to find action.

What is the best guest friendly Hotel that is close to the action, Secondly I do not like casas so the Tower is more my speed or a disco where pickups are on menu.

Help a brother out I am reading the forum but help would be appreiated.

I like brown girls and this is why I love the DR but I think I can get use sexy Colombians.