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On the other, he’s a masochist that likes to lose time and time again while playing the menacing Dark Souls series.He’s also a father of four, which I guess falls somewhere in the middle. There are two things she really loves (besides helping customers) LARPs, which are live action role playing sessions, and horseback riding (she even co-owns a Konik).You need to have a good eye though, because her costumes are killer!

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Simply type in the web app’s address, log in and start chatting!

The intuitive interface of our web application makes it viable to handle several customers while attending other duties.

Since both these things take up a lot of time and preparation, Kasia is often forced to choose one over the other when planning her activities for each week.

Support Hero When Aleksandra is not helping Support Heroes to save the online world from bad experience, she recharges by reading and dreaming.

When she grows up, she plans to become a princess and design her own castle.

Since she has an architecture degree, the castle will surely be stunning! Michal believes in six impossible things before breakfast!

His work motto is “If our customers are happy it means I’m doing a good job”.

In his free time he’s improving his guitar skills and beginning his running adventure, hoping one day he will cross a marathon finish line.

Use our tag-based canned responses, message sneak-peek and keyboard shortcuts to make your work a breeze.

Customer Success Manager Fighting problems of our customers with passion and commitment.

When not thinking why people are acting they way they are, Wojtek likes to spend his evenings reading fantasy books and watching movies.