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Clinton rebuffed interview requests from evangelical media outlets and signaled leftward moves on abortion rights that helped many conservative voters overcome their doubts about Mr.

In the past he has been very critical of my views, and I have done\ haven't done certain things just to make him happy.But in doing that, being a Christian has lost its joy and become more of a burden.Setting abortion aside, political appeals based on religious beliefs continue to carry risk for Democrats, given the growing numbers of Americans who claim no religion: Secular voters overwhelmingly vote Democratic, and younger voters are far more secular than older voters.Still, Hillary Clinton’s snub of even moderate evangelicals in the 2016 presidential race squandered many opportunities to cut into Mr. Where Barack Obama had worked hard in 2008 to show he would at least listen to evangelicals, Mrs.The last time the religious left made this much noise was in protesting the Vietnam War, when the members of the clergy were mostly white men. This is about our humanity.”Loath to be labeled left-leaning or liberal, Dr.

Now, those in the forefront include blacks and Latinos, women and gays, along with a new wave of activist Catholics inspired by Pope Francis. post to announce a latter-day version of King’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign.“If you think this is just a left-versus-right movement, you’re missing the point,” Dr. Barber cites the Constitution and the common good as freely as the Bible.

But those on the left say that they do not need to mirror the Christian right’s strategic alliance with the Republican Party to gain a healthy measure of political influence — and that they are undaunted by how long it might take. C., hotel room, talking through his speech for the next day with advisers, including fellow ministers, a Muslim activist and a couple who had marched with the Rev. But they also marveled at the surge in political protests, fueled in part by Christian, Jewish and Muslim activists working together. “We can’t choose the moment that the flame bursts out, but we can be the kindling.”He has been piling up sticks for years. Imam Abdullah Antepli of Duke University said he had hesitated to march alongside gay pastors until he realized their struggles were linked.“We can’t have only Jews cry for anti-Semitism, and Muslims cry for Islamophobia,” Imam Antepli said. ”Just how much ground the religious left must cover before it amounts to a meaningful counterweight to the Christian right was evident last November, when, despite deep concerns, white evangelical conservatives rallied behind Mr. Muscle memory alone could have played a part: For nearly four decades, Christian conservatives have coalesced around the Republican presidential nominee, reaching right into the pews to mobilize voters.

Late on a Friday three weeks into the Trump administration, the Rev. “We can only win this if we see it as one big fight.”The fervor powering that fight could be seen in Raleigh the next day. Barber, Imam Antepli, two rabbis and a lesbian bishop were some 80,000 people. Relations between Democrats and religious progressives have been more difficult since 1980, when evangelicals deserted Jimmy Carter — one of their own, whom they had supported in 1976 — for Ronald Reagan.

In Nashville, a crowd of ministers carrying palm fronds occupied the governor’s office during Holy Week, demanding the expansion of Medicaid to cover more of the uninsured.

In California and 16 other states, an interfaith network has organized thousands of volunteers to swoop into action when immigrants are arrested or houses of worship are vandalized.

My husband and I are both Christian and of the same denomination.