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My cousin Tim still talks about his favorite episode: ‘The one about the guy carrying flowers through the lobby of the Dragonfly.' He (obviously) starred in it as the guy." Graham was NOT a fan of Lorelai and Rory's season 6 fight any more than you were: "I have to admit I struggled with the Lorelai/Rory separation.

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Still, I felt bad in scenes where I kept holding a grudge." She actually forgot Lorelai got married because it felt so out of character: "Christopher and Lorelai get married in Paris. I have to admit, this seemed so odd to me back then (especially after all that time apart; I just don't think Lorelai would get married without Rory present) that I somehow managed to completely forget it ever happened." She admits Season 7 didn't have the same magic as the rest of the series: "Our new show runners were talented writers who knew the show well.But just like when David Lee Roth was replaced as the lead singer of Van Halen, no matter how hard we tried singing the same songs, they just didn't sound quite the same." Most of the cast had NO idea the show was cancelled after Season 7: "That day, I was told that I was the first to know [the show was over], and was asked to wait before reaching out to anyone.Graham also spilled the tea about her not-so-favorite moments on the show — including how she REALLY felt about filming Season 7 without creator Amy Sherman-Palladino! There'd been no time for anyone to even see us standing side by side, just to make sure we looked related… I was still on another show, Don Roos's ." Luke wasn't originally Lorelai's love interest: "Wow. You know, that part wasn't necessarily the inevitable love interest for Lorelai that it became.Ch-ch-check out all of Graham's : "Alexis Bledel and I met for the very first time in the lobby of a hotel in Toronto. We'd both been cast in the show without ever having met. She was only eighteen years old, but kind and curious, and beautiful of course. He was simply Cute Grouchy Diner Owner in the beginning, and it could have gone in any number of directions, but Luke took on a more important role because of Scott's special sexiness, which was mixed with a gruffness that was the perfect contrast to Lorelai's chirpy cheerfulness." Getting those effortless Lorelai curls required a bit of effort: "The color was just one of my hair issues.Graham has performed on Broadway and appeared in such films as Bad Santa, Because I Said So, and Max.

She holds a BA in English from Barnard College and an MFA in acting from Southern Methodist University. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Advice for graduates and reflections on staying true to yourself from the beloved Gilmore Girls actress and New York Times bestselling author of the memoir Talking as Fast as I Can and the novel Someday, Someday, Maybe.

It’s January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing “important” work.

, she'd have a LOT to say about her time playing Lorelai Gilmore.

“We keep things pretty private [but] I will say that on my flight here from L. I was happy to see on Direct TV that they were playing , Graham explained, “At our age we’d probably both been through ‘showmances’ that went south and made work an uncomfortable place to be,” she wrote.

“But ultimately, our mutual wariness gave way — it just sort of happened.” Here’s a glimpse into their love story.

After I went on and on about my fantasy post-tattoo life for a while, Alexis smiled and gently said, ‘So, what would you get?