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If you’re in the Loop anyway, pick a spot along the quickly-developing Chicago Riverwalk to grab a drink and a bite with your date.

Second City is, of course, the granddaddy of comedy-themed date nights, but good times can also be had for fewer dollars (and fewer people from Iowa) at indie comedy venues like the Cornservatory or regular stand-up nights like Timothy O’Toole’s “Comedians You Should Know” (see full list here).

If your ideal date involves demonstrating what a stable genius you are, show off your deep base of useless knowledge at one of the many bar trivia nights around town.

People eventually go back to where they came from or they plan to do so and a relationship then isn't 'the right time'. So 'plenty of fish' isn't necessarily a good thing. ..London can be like a goldfish bowl Once you've settled in an area, be it Fulham or Clapham for arguments sake, you'll come to notice what a small place London can be.

You bump into people you know absolutely everywhere and by some miracle that [great] new person that you just meet has invariably slept with your roommate. All the good ones are gone I don't mean that in a negative way. We get up at 5am to be crushed against the great-unwashed and leave the office at 9pm all to pay our ridiculous rent. London has too many distractions Seen something you like? You’ll then be able to see all the things you love in one place.

We sacrifice our living standards & personal space to live in a decent zone. What’s more, you’ll be able to send one enquiry out to all your favourite venues at once, so no need to trawl through loads of pages.

So it's no wonder that we get sick of sacrificing, become all ' Me, Me, Me! A bottle of wine and Sky HD – who wanted a partner anyway?! Tinder I'm not bashing the app, but it is symptomatic of why dating is so difficult in this town.

The obvious (and gorgeous) choice would be to ride along the Chicago Lakefront Trail, but the 606 is a better choice if you want to stop for food and drinks along the way. ) Chicagoans are lucky to live in a two-team baseball town, and everyone ought to take advantage.

The fun part is, Wrigley and Guaranteed Rate couldn’t be more different, so there’s a ballpark experience for everyone.

Be sure to hit up Montrose Beach on the North Side, South Shore Beach on the South Side or any of the other fantastic beach spots Chicago has to offer.

The lake isn’t the only waterfront in Chicago, though.

If you want to be a part of a bustling bar scene and enjoy the game in one of baseball’s most storied ballparks, hit up a Cubs game.

If you’d rather have a less expensive and quieter (and, some might say, less obnoxious) time, check out the White Sox.

Fortunately, comedy shows tend to be pretty cheap dates.