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The second group was given the opportunity to withdraw money in cash on a monthly basis through ATMs, provided that they purchase from the same 200 supermarkets.

The third category was granted freedom to spend the cash from any food shop, whether or not it was accredited.

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Numerical Fluids is an annual series of symposia on computational and applied mathematics for fluid flows, heat and mass transfer problems and associated themes.Papers with focus on the progress made in fluid flows and related topics usually considered for presentation during the event.Explaining how aid has evolved over the years, Moghrabi added that the WFP has been providing food for refugees inside and outside camps in Jordan through food parcels since 2012.In September 2013, it began to use food vouchers that offered each person a fixed monthly amount to spend on food. Unlike vouchers, the new mechanism of food aid via debit cards offers the advantage of giving refugees the freedom to choose foods from supermarkets, according to Moghrabi.Inside camps, the WFP has introduced a mechanism that doesn’t require refugees to carry a debit card for shopping.

Instead, they can pay through an eye scan — a technology tested in a number of camps for the first time in the history of humanitarian assistance.

Numerical Fluids has become an international forum for the presentation of the latest research results and the exchange of thoughts by many participants across the globe.

Further information about this international event can be found here.

Speaking to However, the results of the field study showed that about 95 per cent of cash assistance was spent on food needs.

They also indicated that purchasing power improved as refugees were able to buy at lower prices from non-accredited places close to their home.‟We will start implementing it outside the camps gradually, and then inside the camps,” she said, adding that the programme will review each stage of implementation as well as how the service develops.

The participants were split into three groups, and each was given a different option.