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But attempts to engage with Twitter users and Facebook commenters, I quickly found, would be unfruitful.If you’re of the mind to believe the music industry is Illuminati-run, you’re unlikely to trust a journalist; if you’re making a joke, why bother getting involved?

Who makes that leap, and how do they do so loudly and convincingly enough to get others to follow?Is it possible to trace a full-blown pop culture conspiracy theory to its origin?The rumors started on October 25, 2008, on Yahoo answers. ” wrote user Lorre W, after seeing a 2008 episode of on which Morgana was featured.“I saw a TV show that was dedicated to Lina Morgana. “Her My Space page says she died tragically on October 4, 2008. She was so young and talented…”Five days later, the same question popped up in a forum on Find, a site dedicated to exploring celebrity deaths.It’s not hard to find someone claiming to have known Lina Morgana.

A commenter shared his email address in two different forums and offered information about Morgana, saying they’d dated for “a long time.” (When I emailed, he said he’d only share info if I could pay him for it.) The memorial page Lina is allegedly run by Lina’s family.

Search the names Lina Morgana and Lady Gaga on Twitter and you likely won’t need to go back even a week to find someone talking about murder.

There are so many tweets it would be impossible to separate the earnest from the likely ironic; the Lady Gaga/Lina Morgana conspiracy is established enough to have settled into meme territory.

Over those seven years and 550 posts, users dug up personal information about Morgana and her family and hypothesized about the circumstances surrounding her death.

It continued well past the discovery that Morgana had died of apparent suicide, having jumped from the roof of a 10-story hotel in Staten Island.

The home page features a message from Lina’s aunt: “I can tell you one thing right now: we, Lina's family, do not believe that she had an intention to die.