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Not long ago, Kirsten took off from "General Hospital" for three months and only shared that it was for "personal reasons." She didn't explain what was going on with her exactly, even though the fans wanted to know.

There’s no confirmation yet on who Wes is, how they met, or how long they’ve been dating, but it seems to be serious enough for the actress to invite him along to a fan event and show him off in public.

Brandon Barash is currently separated from Kirsten Storms.

has been sharing photos of a new guy, but not saying who it was at all.

Now it has been figured out that she is dating Zach Webb, lead singer of neo rock band, It’s Alive.

That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary.

It turns out that she will be coming back as soon as Maxie Jones.He liked her post about her new man, so everyone hopes that this means that he is fine with her new relationship.If they can all get along, that will make things better for them and easier on their daughter Harper.Now, on the other side of her nervous breakdown and most recent battle with severe depression, Kirsten vows that she’s going to “live a better life now.” Storms also said she sought treatment to set a better example for Harper, her daughter with Brandon Barash.When her weight plummeted to 85 pounds because she wasn’t taking care of herself, Storms said she didn’t want her daughter to think that her low weight “was the norm” or have any body issues. Storms corrected that quickly, refuting the reports by saying she and Webb are long-time friends.However, one of the photos, which Storms has since wiped from her timeline, attracted the most interest.