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In fact, as a youngster, Kevin is said to have taken Tom as his hero and movie star.Selleck is reported to have stood by Kevin through his low’s and highs more so during his struggles with addiction, a failed music career, and financial problems.This seemed to have worked well for Kevin at the time as it was believed that his life was on the right path again.

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He wrote, produced, co-directed and acted in two short films, Dip Spit and Earwig, which were shown for the first time at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on April 26, 2011.Earwig is a drama about a closeted gay college student, while Dip Spit is a comedy about two straight male models who get kicked out and move in with a gay college student.Emerson wrote an autobiography, Hot Sissy – Life Before Flashbulbs, describing his teenage years growing up in a "redneck" area of Florida.Hot Sissy was released as an e-book and in a limited print run of 500 hardcover copies in December 2014.The launch video for the Indiegogo campaign featured Todrick Hall and musician Tom Goss.

A local reviewer said each of the four actors in the play "brings a memorable, engaging performance", and that Emerson "delivers the role of a sweet, confused, and occasionally thoughtless young star with sensitivity and kindness".He is known for his modelling and social media profile, particularly on Instagram, and he wrote and directed the movie Hooked.He has appeared on TV in small roles, including the season 5 finale of Glee.After his exit from Tonic, he tried to create another band but it failed and eventually, he seemed to have given up on his musical career.Sadly, the year 2011 came with more troubles for Kevin as a credit card company got a ,000 judgment for an unpaid bill.His stepfather Selleck came to his rescue with money aids, pieces of advice, and much more but all to no avail.