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The Paranormal Herald,received some documents that proves that they were tied up just 3 days before their said paranormal birthday party.In a recent eviction proceeding and hearing,both Ryan Daniel Buell and also his long time life partner Sergey were recently listed on the said eviction hearing in court.The next day she signed up for classes at Bucks County Community College, which she attended for two years before transferring to Penn State University Park in 2004.

The hearing was settled and Buell and Sergey had apparently owed the sum of over 3,000 dollars. Docket Number: MJ-49201-LT-0000099-2016 https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Docket Sheets/MDJReport.ashx? docket Number=MJ-49201-LT-0000099-2016 looks like a continuation and final summons.

In one court case,both sergey and Buell lost a court hearing, as it looks as though they were trying to recover their belongings from a prior both lost and ruling went towards the plaintiff. The below court case,was just days before the duets big birthday bash.08/24/2016.

But the fact that Destination America has GHOST ASYLUM, PARANORMAL SURVIVOR, and now PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN might suggest that I’m not the only one with a insatiable thirst for these shows.

The six-episode first season of PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN premieres Friday, March 4th on Destination America.

In 2005 she joined The Lion 90.7 fm as a co-host for a variety of shows and voice over work.

She was born and raised in Bucks County, PA along with an older sister and a younger brother.Just 3 days before a well known paranormal celebrity had announced final staged plans for his birthday celebration and a two day ghost hunt.People were excited to hear that they may be able to see the one time popular Ryan Daniel Buell.For Destination America, Groff previously executive produced GHOST STALKERS in 2014 and appeared in EXORCISM: LIVE!this past Halloween to share his experience investigating the original Now, I absolutely love ghosts shows, so I might be a little biased.https://paranormal.formstack.com/forms/black_tie_event_2016.