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Then we would have a couple hours to kill while the writers made adjustments based on what they heard in the reading.

Sometimes they would send us home if the script needed too many rewrites, otherwise we would go through the stages and run whatever scripts were in good enough shape. And at the end of those days, we did run-throughs in front of the writers and producers.

Thanks for being here and thanks for being a part of Fresh Prince. And when we would straighten it on the show, my hair would start to break like crazy, and I would have to wear wigs, and you'd be all like "I can't go out there like this! " and there was nothing else to do but go out looking like that. You were so great and funny on "Fresh Prince."What was a typical work week like on set?

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Does the second Aunt Viv look as strange to you as she does to me when you watch reruns?

Well it was like Darrin in Bewitched (I might be going back too far for some people but they switched the Darrins). her hair was probably already short when they first started filming, so for all the episodes with her having long hair she looks weird cause she is wearing a wig and skin cap on her head. He mooned James Avery offstage, James was on camera and Will mooned him offstage once. He wasn't like a George Clooney going around doing pranks all the time, but one thing he did that was : We had a line one week that kept changing, the writers were having fun with this line, and they would say "Dara can tie a cherry stem with her tongue" and then it would change to "Dara can do this," or that.

Hi Karen, I loved Fresh Prince as a kid and of course that meant I had a crush on you at some point.

My question is, how did they explain the Aunt Vivian character change to the cast?

(Do you guys remember that episode with Don Cheadle as Ice Tray, and he and Hilary hooked up and she was going to go back with him back to Philly, and then he wanted to trade in his first class ticket back for two tickets in coach and I was like "no thank you! General, are you telling me that nowhere in the military is there any longer a job for trained human weapons of destruction such as myself? As far as acting, I heard him say: when you're crying, you don't want to cry. And as a person, we could have a drink and I could talk about it, but he gave me so much advice over the years, I would have to sit and think about it, but it's so enmeshed in me,… I can't think about it because I will get too emotional./u/Velorium_Camper Thinks James Avery was a good man. Can't go wrong with Earl Grey, that's for sure.

Maybe she was trying to keep that thing alive from Ice Tray. He was SO it sad that when I was a kid I watched that movie so much that I memorized all the lines.Right now, my husband and I are trying to make a new independent film about childhood that we call Little Feet. We really appreciate Reddit's help with the campaign since we won't be able to release the film unless we reach our goal. We never had a formal reunion but we got together several times. Thank you so much for responding and conducting this! I am amazed that casting directors work that way, you'd think they would know better than anyone what actors are capable of.We're offering a lot of great rewards with people like Steve Buscemi, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones), Jennifer Beals, Rosie Perez, and yours truly, so please check it out! But I will definitely be doing this again in the future. James' passing is still so fresh that we had his memorial, which was incredibly moving, and a tribute to him, so as far as any other kind of tribute, maybe we will down the line. I think anyone that has ever watched the show felt as if they lost someone they knew and learned so much from, felt as if we kind of knew James a little bit thru Uncle Phil. My questions: Earl grey, with stevia and almond milk. The thing I remember you on post Fresh Prince was "The Job", a hilarious show that wasn't given the chance to flourish.Most people know me as Hilary from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Sorry major, there's no one left, you've killed them all. If I worked hard enough on it, I probably could but I've tried to drop into it and it doesn't come easily to me. Do you want to give a person like this your upvotes? I was wondering if the cast of Fresh Prince ever discussed a reunion before Mr. (may he RIP) Any chance of doing one now, maybe a tribute to him as well? Bone (just in case any of my sixth grade friends see this), who influenced me tremendously in terms of creativity. And I probably could have utilized my downtime a lot better. Did all employers linked you to Hilary and tried to offer parts similar to that one or were you able to detach from that character and play other roles? There were some rooms I couldn't get in because people said they already "knew what I did" based on Hilary.Since the Fresh Prince, I've acted in other television and film projects, but my primary focus has been on my children (I have two kids now) and my nonprofit organization Sweet Blackberry whose mission is to bring little known stories of African-American achievement to kids. Hope all is well with you and I wish you luck on Sweet Blackberry and everything else you pursue! I look at it now, hindsight is 20/20 and I can look back and say "wow, all that time in my room, I could have learned a language" but I did gain a lot from it. From your answers to others in the is AMA, it seems you have so many good memories from Fresh Prince..reason for regrets at all :)Thank you for answering my questions Karyn. However, probably more doors opened for me because of Hilary than were closed to me.And the thing is, it wasn't about us, it wasn't about our reaction, 't was more that I experienced it with these people, experiencing it with my family.