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I am learning to summon the discipline to distinguish between both sets of tools, and I am not sure I am that strong. These days, I spend a considerable amount of time trying to catch up with my mail and the days’ news.

With some relief, I am finally getting smarter about that task by identifying tools that can assemble my favourite online links in one place and update them with one click.

Twitter is for discovering and sharing what's happening right now through the timely exchange of short, public messages.

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I must not neglect Hi5, because some other friends prefer it to Tubely, against which they object because neighbors who signed up later did not answer repeated invitations to chat.The only site left to be set up, upon which I should invest, is a tour guide site.And then I must rush over to UNYK, which advertises itself as the “first smart address book that updates itself,” so that friends, family and co-workers will be forever apprised of my whereabouts. Then I must visit Jhoos, which, when I clicked upon an invitation, turned out to be a dating network ready to put me in touch with members worldwide immediately.I do not look down on dating agencies; one report says that recession or not, they are doing a roaring business.Everything depends on how you respond to the announcement, “XYZ added you as a friend on Facebook,” or—and I am only guessing—how many people you are willing to invite, yourself.

I received my first invitation a couple of years ago.What are sites if there is nobody to keep them in touch with each other?One other thing: Is it just me, or do we need to twitter with the 24-hour rule? Perhaps not as good as “V,” which turned out to be the site: “Online Booty Call.” It promised me untold carnal delights.And then I must quickly visit Plaxo, which promised to help me keep in touch with the people I care about.I would have to maintain a Plaxo account because the good friends who use it do not, for some reason, use Jhoos, or even Tubely, which claims readiness to put me in touch with its members worldwide right away so I can chat with them.