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No wonder the estranged husband and wife are sticking it out as business partners. But don’t take our word for what went down with the Buena Park home: “Big Lot, Little Flip” next re-airs Dec. Apparently, Tarek hooked up with the El Moussas’ nanny, and Christina’s dated one of the family contractors (and no, not the guy who lost them money last June).

Read on for The Wrap's list of TV shows that have coped with castmates who are also exes. He and Garner, 45, had dated for about a year until 2004."Oh my God," he said.unaired show), "Jo Jo Says" game, Higglytown Heroes short: Flappy's Not Happy, DVD-ROM coloring pages; Review Jo Jo's Circus: Take a Bow! - 2-Disc Treasures set with episodes on Disneyland (OOP) Behind the Scenes at the Disney Studio - 2-Disc Treasures with 3 episodes Tomorrowland - 2-Disc Walt Disney Treasures set with 5 episodes (OOP) Elfego Baca and the Swamp Fox: Legendary Heroes - 2-Disc Treasures set set with 3 episodes from each late '50s/early '60s "Frontierland" serial Expected Dec. - 4 episodes (including unaired one), DVD-ROM, Higglytown Heroes short: Havin' a Ball, Disneypedia: Going to the Circus; Review both DVDs: 1.33:1, DD 2.0; .99 SRP / Playhouse Disney series encourages skills "A Circus Town Christmas" on A Very Playhouse Disney Holiday - Review Davy Crockett: The Complete Series - 2-Disc Treasures set with all 5 episodes Disneyland U. 2006: Walt Disney Treasures: Your Host, Walt Disney - episodes which prominently feature Walt Disney; shows and extras TBA; limited edition 2-disc set Episodes also included on Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Chronological Donald, V2, Old Yeller; Excerpts included on Johnny Tremain, Lady and the Tramp PE, The Parent Trap Original movies on DVD: Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, My Dog, The Thief Disney Movie Club exclusives: The Bluegrass Special, The Yellowstone Cubs See our Disney TV Movies pages for a complete list of original productions: episodes of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" (1994), "Power Rangers in Space" (1998), "Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy" (1999), "Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue" (1999), and "Power Rangers: Wild Force" (2002); Ninja Storm (2003): KEY: 1.33:1 - Fullscreen (Original Broadcast Ratio); DD 5.1 - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; DD 2.0 - Dolby Stereo / Surround 2-Channel; OOP - Out of Print 16:9 - anamorphic widescreen presentation (enhanced for 16x9 widescreen televisions) and matching the original High Definition broadcast ratio What's Intentionally Not Included: Shows that lasted less than one full season Talk, game, and variety shows Acquired series not yet released to DVD or not yet reviewed by Ultimate Still missing something? When asked if he would ever dip back into that ex pool, he said, "I don't think so.

If it didn't work once, there's a reason it didn't work.""I am single," he said. That's a whole different story."Vartan lives with a chocolate Labrador named Millie."She's the love of my life," he said.He also appeared on the show Kitchen Confidential, which starred his former Alias co-star Bradley Cooper, as a French chef who was Cooper's rival.In September 2007, Vartan played James Walker, a main role in the ABC drama Big Shots. Vartan is co-starred opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in TNT's series Hawthorne.The El Moussas ended up putting a whopping 5,000 into the project, blowing way past their budget when issues arose.Unfortunately, their closing costs of ,000 coupled with a 0,000 sales price dropped the duo into the red. And, with the exception of the bad business deal, it was all good just 18 months ago.Vartan has said about his Finnish background that "The funny thing is I'm actually a Finnish Catholic who happens to be born in France. Vartan now considers himself to be American and stated on the talk show Rove that he would like Australia to be his second home.