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Using a collection of smartphones preloaded with an updated iteration of the AR program Customers were also treated to a variety of Hatsune Miku-themed food and drinks from the 700 yen (.34 USD) Miku Summer Tropical Soda and 650 yen (.88) Miku Latte, to the 800 yen (.20) roll cake or 900 yen (.15) Mike Sandwich.Visitors also had the chance to pick up limited edition character art drink coasters, because why the hell not?Over the course of the past couple of decades, Japan has firmly established itself as the number one “WTF” country on planet Earth. So to be perfectly honest when it was revealed that a new cafe in Japan would be setting up patrons with a virtual date using augmented reality technology, it didn’t come as that much of a shock to anyone.

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All the studs may have wined and dined Hatsune already, but at least you can make yourself feel a little better by crying away your pain into a delicious roll cake.

Japan has a fascinating relationship with its many fictional characters and entertainers, with fans often developing a deep appreciation for these animated personalities.

This has even lead to some of the more dedicated fans going as far as to actually marry their virtual “waifus.” As virtual and augmented reality continues to progress, it’s highly-likely these immersive platforms will play an integral role in the future of the virtual girlfriends/boyfriends trend.

Japan is becoming more progressive and modern as years go by.

Of course, just like with the original Soine-ya, there is an extra fee of 2,000 yen (.23) if the client wants to pick a specific guy from the list.

Also, due to the nature of their work, it is important for Soine-ya and Soine-ya Prime to have strict rules in order to protect their employees.

For tired single men, the best way to rest is to sleep in the comfort of a woman’s presence.

This is the concept that was introduced by Soine-ya, which literally means ‘sleep together shop.’ The service provided by Soine-ya is primarily for young women to sleep beside the client which costs about 6,000 yen () per hour.

Clients of Soine-ya Prime has two main packages to pick from the Standard Plan and the Date Plan.

The Standard Plan allows the client to spend 7 hours with a young man for a fee of 30,000 yen (3).

The first time I heard of the Butler Café in Shibuya, I was intrigued.