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The video was posted by several high-profile women, including U.S.-based activist Masih Alinejad, drawing more than 20,000 comments within hours.

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Logically, most people reportedly suspect her “confession” on Friday was made under pressure from Iranian authorities.

“It wasn’t for attracting attention,” one of the arrested women said through tears in a broadcast on Friday, according to .

“I had some followers and these videos were for them.

I did not have any intention to encourage others doing the same… I only do gymnastics.” Some of the videos of Hojabri are still available online on both Instagram and Twitter and show her doing nothing that would be considered scandalous to even conservative American audiences.

hey guys, I have recently started learning Spanish and am completely lost hahaha I'm not a native English speaker but my English is pretty good and as it is obvious I'm a native Persian speaker so I could be of help in both languages. Hi there, I studied in Berlin and recently came back to Tehran.

My German level is intermediate (I have been nice with myself by saying that it is at intermediate level ;-) ) and I am going to improve it by accompanying of a tandem partner who has the same goal or a native speaker who wants to exchange German with Persian (my mother tongue).

In developing countries, the gap is even higher: in Bangladesh, Turkey, and Pakistan, for example, the gender gap in account ownership approaches 30 percent.

Gender disparities in financial inclusion exist in other areas as well: women are less likely than men to have access to digital technology and formal savings tools, and among the unbanked, women are more likely than men to be unemployed.

Women in Iran have posted protest videos of themselves dancing on Instagram, and other protests against the country’s hijab laws have erupted in recent months.

The hijab has been mandatory in Iran ever since the revolution in 1979.

Global Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion The gender gap in financial inclusion has remained unchanged over the last decade.