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Find out what to expect in these tests and how to answer questions involving: levers, pulleys, gears, simple circuits and workshop arithmetic.If you are trying to secure a place on a professional or vocational course at a university or graduate school then you may need to take a standardized test, particularly for courses which are heavily oversubscribed, for example medicine, law and dentistry.

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For many of them it was their selection test scores that had previously denied them success in their chosen career.

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure your ability to understand concepts framed in words, your ability to find commonalities among different concepts and to manipulate ideas on an abstract level.

Spatial reasoning ability involves visualizing and manipulating two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes or patterns.

Learn the techniques you need to answer tricky spatial and mechanical reasoning questions.

Includes examples of all types of aptitude test question plus the hints and tips you need to succeed. You need to know what employers are looking for and how your personality measures up to it.

Learn how to excel at the in-tray exercise, role play, presentations and group discussions.

Learn a new management skill in just 20 minutes, including: productivity skills, team leadership, staff appraisals, business strategy, project management and finance.

This represents the most challenging and intimidating selection process you can face.

You will be judged on how you perform against other candidates who all want the job as much as you do.

You too can achieve a high score in job selection tests by taking the time to practice.