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Eventually, the group hopes to extend that framework to more emoji and more skin tones.But starting with 21 new combinations is a lot more realistic than 52,000.

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But unlike implementing, say, a woman wearing a hijab, creating an icon for the span of interracial relationships isn't just one new emoji. Tinder and its collaborators have already drafted their proposal, which smartly starts a lot smaller than Microsoft's efforts to introduce interracial options.

Right now, it suggests adding three skin tones (light, medium, and dark) for the two version of couples with the heart.

The emoji gods filled their world with fish and birds and all kinds of living creatures, with hamburgers and soccer balls and cameras, with hundreds of objects and people to use them.

The emoji gods saw all that they had made, and it was very good. For as long as the emoji world has existed, there have been people to observe what was left out of it. Over time, Unicode responded to those requests, adding versions of same-sex couples, single-parent families, old people, young people, gender-neutral people, people of color, even the long-awaited redhead. Like the fact that to this day, all of the emoji couples are yellow.

Or should platforms leave all multi-person emoji yellow until they can support all 52,000 combinations?

Like Microsoft or Facebook—which supports single skin-tone family units as of 2017—other platforms could introduce versions of interracial emoji units.

But most platforms will wait to follow the recommendations from Unicode.

“If Google wanted to support a pale skin tone for the pizza emoji they could, but it wouldn’t work on other systems.

Emoji proposals have to demonstrate what the emoji would look like and describe how it could be used.

Successful proposals make the case for an icon that isn't overly specific, offers a new way to describe something, and has a demonstrated use case.

“Other platforms like i OS have 3D-rendered images that all need to be created and stored in an emoji font on a device.