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All around lights were coming on as people were getting up to see what the hell was making all that racket. That way I can get the car out of here before it starts lowering property values.”I got out and shut the door and locked it.

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The kiss lasted forever, it seemed, as our tongues intertwined like two sensuous snakes. Neither one of us said much as we straightened out our clothing and got ready to go back to work.

On the way out the door though, our hands brushed briefly and a spark seemed to jump between them.

I kept looking at Jenny across the otherwise unoccupied shop but not once did I catch her looking back at me. A couple of scraggly, sorry-looking graveyard people had drifted in to take over our machines and we could take off.

I didn’t have opportunity to talk to her at all, so I could do nothing but wonder. I saw Jenny head over to the phone and dial a number.“What’s up? She’s got my car tonight.”Dianne was Jenny’s roomie.

I looked up at her and saw a barely controlled fire raging in her eyes.

I knew right then that it was not nearly over yet…The rest of the night passed quietly.

I got up to get a cup of coffee from the machine behind her. Her breathing grew more labored and she tilted her head up a bit, eyes still closed.

As I did, I said, “How do you expect to find somebody like that? I leaned down and whispered close to her ear, “Every inch, from head to toe. I like to lick and nibble until until she can’t take any more. Even through her bra and heavy shirt her nipples stood out like little buttons.

Pulled out of the parking lot and into the street–slowly. She left a note on the ‘fridge saying she left with some guy for the coast and won’t be back ’til tomorrow afternoon. Which I didn’t feel particularly sympathetic for at the moment, considering my predicament.

I was thankful that it was dark and Jenny couldn’t see my foot which had the accelerator pressed to the floor. She was too busy hanging on for dear life, trying to avoid being shaken out of her seat. Ten teeth-rattling minutes later we pulled up in front of her apartment building. “Well, I can go up and get the keys from Dianne and give you a jump with my car. Several minutes later she returned with a disgusted look on her face. “Well, I could thumb it home and have a buddy bring me back early tomorrow and jump me.

Before Jenny dialed the last digit I volunteered, “Hey, don’t wake her up. She needs her sleep.”She considered a moment, then put the phone back with the last number still undialed.