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NOTE: If you do not want to install the Install Root program, you can install the certificates manually by, following these instructions.

After you create a notification channel, you cannot change the notification behaviors—the user has complete control at that point.

Though you can still change a channel's name and description.

You can open the system settings for notification channels with an Intent intent = new Intent(Settings.

ACTION_CHANNEL_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS); Extra(Settings. EXTRA_APP_PACKAGE, get Package Name()); Extra(Settings. EXTRA_CHANNEL_ID, my Notification Id()); start Activity(intent); Notification Manager m Notification Manager = (Notification Manager) get System Service(Context. String id = "my_channel_01"; m Notification Manager.delete Notification Channel(id); The notification settings screen displays the number of deleted channels, as a spam prevention mechanism.

This is a good idea when your app supports multiple user accounts (such as for work profiles), so you can create a notification channel group for each account.

This way, users can easily identify and control multiple notification channels that have identical names. Notification channel settings with groups for personal and work accounts For example, a social networking app might include support for personal and work accounts.

From what I've experienced, you still need to follow my guide [slides 15&16] and manually remove certificates the Cross Cert Removal Tools fails to remove. How can you (or your web server) trust the identity of someone over the network?

An infrastructure of trusted third parties has been put in place to distribute trust between end-users.

This infrastructure verifies that we are who we say we are.

If we trust the Do D PKI infrastructure, then the infrastructure can vouch for us to trust others that have certificates issued from the Do D PKI.

You can clear test channels on development devices either by reinstalling the app or by clearing the data associated with your copy of the app.