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Then the more bleak emails poured in: 'More than one in ten people agreed that allowing their partner to have an affair would make their relationship stronger'.

I know people in their 20s and early 30s still looking to get married and that was great 50 years ago.When I think back to the person I was dating when I was 18 or the type of person I wanted to be with in my 20s, now that person is not the person I want to be with in my 30s. When I started this job I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought everyone on the website to be awful, horrible people. We’re one of the most expensive dating websites in the country. It’s not just done for pure profiteering, it’s done because we don’t want people joining on a whim.You will need to become familiar and understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of the internet marital affairs online dating sites ,whenever a long-term relationship is faultering or even finished.Suddenly finding being single can be a shock and lonely and stressful, and there will naturally tendency to atempt to try and replace that missing partner.Most normal peoples’ first exposure to the world online illicit flings is during the emotional upheaval and turmoil caused generally towards the end of an ongoing long-term relationship.

Here well will be taking an open minded look at the advantages and disadvantages of this world of online illict dating and marital affairs sites for thoses people who find themselves falling into this category.

We’ve seen a massive number of people sign up who have effectively split up with their partner but can’t sell their homes, so can’t split up and can’t get a divorce. We've had a good number of occasions where both husband and wife sign up to the website – that’s become much more of a saddening trend now.

IYou end up with guys and women joining the site, getting inuandated with people wanting to meet with them, but all they wanted was to feel that were still desirable.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship that isn’t going to work out.

There’s still so much pressure to get married quite young and to form that relationship quite young.

You have partners who've been injured, relationships have been broken down, I’ve heard ‘we love each other but we’re more brother and sister than husband and wife’. So I stopped judging them, and thought until I was in that situation and did something different I really didn’t have any right to take the moral high ground. We want it to be a price that make people think 'woah, this is a lot of money, do I really want to do this'.