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They discuss her son Jaden’s newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease, how they are tackling …

Read More In episode 11 of the #We Will Beat IBD podcast the IIF’s Brian Greenberg discusses how Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are not what so many believe them to be, they aren’t just bathroom disease.

It seems rare I start a topic, I just seem to read or answer the topics of others when I can get online here ..this time I have a concern, and Im seeking your personal thoughts and experiences on a certain technique of testing.......I'm not running into answers outside this website so I am not sure how many replies, if any, I will receive on this particular want to share but it's too personal feel free to just INBOX me .......I am in need of a full body MRI.....told it will take 2 hours trapped in that my extreme chronic pain issues and occasional numbness and such that needs to be further investigated....I have my concerns about it because I am littered with metal staples inside having had 6 major surgeries for my Crohn's since I was a child.....if something 'goes wrong' with those staples I have only 5 feet of intestine left to botch up lol ....yikes. I am wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with this.......I understand that many friends are unaware if they have metal staples or not. I would love some feedback and hear your thoughts ..again if you prefer, as some of you do, to Inbox me instead that's cool I would love to hear from you. Red Flags in my mind tell me not to do it......on the other hand if I find out it is safe, that test would really help pinpoint some of my problems.Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay happy and healthy everyone!I also was told by another Surgeon my staples are likely titanium so that is OK......

I was also asked if I might have any metal in my eyes and my reply was, "I dunno....??

Much love to you all xoxooo ~Your Doe All I can tell you that when I was scheduled for an MRI I was asked if I did any metal work or even metal grinding such as car body work.

Answering positive I was immediately scheduled for an X-ray of my eyes.

~Doe Not an easy decision, Doe, when so much is at stake.

My uneducated guess is that, if there were any negative effects of MRI on patients with internal metals, we would absolutely know by now what they were.

Something did show up in the xray and they sent him to an eye surgeon. It turned out to be a staple from a surgery he had in a salivary gland to remove a benign tumour. Decisions are always difficult to make when there is even a slight risk but I wish you well in whatever you decide to do.