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I imagined that (like myself) there would be floods of complaints about the wooden acting, the ease at which the main characters just sauntered through their 'ordeal' as though they were just nipping to the shops for a pint and a dozen eggs, and thought that it would be universally hated.I read one review today that said this was the worst movie they'd seen in the last thirty years.This is just the latest directing gig for Elba, having recently helmed the Sundance movie “Yardie.” On the acting side, he was most recently seen in “The Mountain Between Us” and is currently filming the last season of his hit TV series “Luther.” He can also be seen in “Avengers: Infinity War.” He is repped WME and the U.

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My advice to anyone considering it is as always go and make your own mind up.

Winfrey's outfit is apparently a last-minute change, King also said.

I have to agree with the chap who said they'd not seen worse in a long long time.

This was most definitely the weakest of all the movies I've seen in years.

Winfrey is wearing a light pink dress by Stella Mc Cartney (the rumored designer of Markle's wedding gown, to boot), her friend Gayle King said on CBS.

She reported that "Oprah had a wardrobe malfunction yesterday because her original dress for the ceremony turned out to be too white," journalist Oprah arriving with Idrid Elba because of course.

Even the moments of peril are dealt with in as short a time as possible with no fear or risk involved whatsoever. Before anything happened between our two lead characters I was thinking to myself that these guys clearly didn't like each other at all during the filming of this movie.

There was little to no chemistry, the acting was woeful (from two of movies finest actors supposedly) and it all just seemed tired and as if nobody on the set wanted to be there. It's just a sudden give-up on what had come before.

Sabrina Dhowre and her famous boyfriend, Idris Elba is an engaged couple, and there is nothing to be shocked in knowing the news.

The 29-year-old model was proposed by the actor on the Rio Cinema in London before the screening of Idris big screen directorial venture, ‘Yardie’ on February 10, 2018.

Sabrina Dhowre is the celebrated model and former beauty pageant holder who is now the fiancé of actor turned director Idris Elba.