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Some programs, like Be Light Software's Get Backup, include integration with some of the above mentioned applications, making it easier to back up your media libraries, contact information, program preferences and other data without having to hunt down the appropriate files.Learn more about backup and how to keep your information safe.

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Not only that, it requires Mac OS 10.2.5 and above.It also demands at least a 600-MHz G3 or G4 Mac, a Fire Wire camera and a broadband connection.While people are finding many versatile uses for Apple's i Chat AV software, they're not yet using it much for what it was intended – video conferencing.Marc Zeedar has found a novel use for Apple Computer's new i Chat video-conferencing software – broadcasting pay-per-view soccer games to his brother across town.Zeedar, a designer, programmer and writer from Santa Cruz, California, discovered he can use his camcorder to connect his Ti Vo digital video recorder to his Mac.

The camcorder has analog video-in jacks, which let it import video from just about any source, including a VCR or a Ti Vo.Another option is to use backup programs that automatically back up your files on a regular schedule set by you.Such programs allow you to choose which files to back up, set a schedule and tweak other parameters such as compression, etc.Backups should be performed regularly to insure that the archives contain the most recent data.Creating a new event in i Cal can help you keep organized and remind you to back up your files.If you have activated the “Automatically save chat transcripts to...” option in preferences then your chat transcripts are saved to your computer and can be backed up.