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Both are necessary and affect our decision-making and worldview.

Tension in their marriage was higher than ever, and conflicts became daily occurrences.

Susan and Thomas sought counseling to improve their relationship. They had traveled a difficult road in their marriage. They never really dealt with the underlying issues that had left them vulnerable to outside relationships. During a counseling session, Bri discovered she held resentment and bitterness toward her husband because his emotional affair had taken a toll on their marriage. The primary emotions are hurt, fear or frustration.

If your partner is abusive, it is important to seek professional help.

The abuse is likely to escalate over time and get worse.

Abusive people don’t want their partner to feel good about themselves.

They may try to make their partner feel guilty as well.

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When two people with different personalities, preferences and quirks live together, they're bound to become irritated or angry sometimes.

Anger also can be a sign that we care deeply about something or that something is wrong.

For example, anger can indicate outrage at child abuse. God gave us a heart and a brain — emotions and logic.

When behaviors become abusive, the person doesn’t take responsbility for the behaviors.