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The second issue to take note of is that of skipping the first element of the array.

Typically as C programmers we would cringe to see someone allocate an array, not initialize the first element, and then pass that array to another function for further processing.

Whether you're working with a connected or disconnected data store, the majority of database operations involve NURD work New, Update, Read, Delete.

However, as this section will illustrate, many of the sometimes very tedious database operations are made much easier with the help of the various ADO. This section's code snippets are all freestanding functions that can be plugged directly into your own test applications.

As you can see, I've made two lines of interest here bold, where an event is fired both before and after the command is executed against the data store.

As we're looking for a value returned as a result of executing a command, we're only interested in the second event; therefore, we need only handle the data adapter's .

Specifically, the problem is determining how to insert a new record and then retrieve its auto-incremented primary key.

For example, you'd want to do this if you had related tables where the primary key for one table was to be used as part of the key for another table.This way, you eliminate common errors associated with assigning a value to an incorrect column.In addition, explicitly naming the column to which a value is being assigned results in code that is more readable—and therefore, more maintainable.As an example, let's say you have a distributed application where you want to keep connections to the remote data store to a minimum.Instead of calling method and causes all updates, inserts, and deletes to be reconciled en masse.As you can see, a few trivial tweaks and this function could be modified to dump both the complete schema information and data of any table.