How to set up a adult webcam site

Ivideon gives you the following advantages: All of this is available free of charge to private users.

As for large companies, there are no limits whatsoever — Ivideon can be used for setting up live feeds from hundreds of thousands of cameras located in a single city or all across the world.

Nor do you need to buy or install streaming software, or provide full support for the streaming service. Ivideon Server is available for all major platforms — Windows, Linux, and OS X.In the fourth case, you don’t even need a computer to run the Ivideon Server.When program starts click on Web / Broadcast on left of program.Make sure that the server is not running, If you have a green tick at top of page you need to click "Disable" Now under "IP Address / Host name" you need to enter either the DYNDNS host name "" if you needed to set up a DYNDNS host or if you have a static ip address you enter this here "your IP address will be displayed at the top of this page".That’s all there is to it — it is really that simple.

Video feed code is embedded as a regular i Frame element (similarly to the You Tube mechanism).DO NOT COPY this page Many thanks to Ted JA2GZZ for his translation to Japanese, Click link for PDF Home * Station-Details * My-Antennas * QTH * Radio-Contacts * Links-Page * My Latest Projects * My Antennas * Latest-20m-Analogue-Images * World-SSTV-Cams * Digital 80m-SSTV Live * Digital 20m-SSTV Live * KG-STV Live * KG-STV-Tech-Info * World Digital SSTV Cams * Digital SSTV Europe * Digital SSTV USA Canada * Digital SSTV Australasia * SSTV Repeater * Other Digital Modes Free DV * SSTV-Cams-Europe * SSTV-Cams-Australasia * SSTV-Cams-USA * SSTV-Modes-Info * Webring-Cams * Join-Webring * Slant-problems?Unless you are telepathic, it is difficult to find out what's happening on the other side of the earth without technology aiding you.Just install a cam and allow your clients to access it in just 5 minutes. You don’t need to deploy any servers or a CDN (content delivery network) of your own if you plan to broadcast worldwide. Nearly anything can be a video source for an Ivideon feed: In the first three cases, you’ll need to install the free Ivideon Server app on your server or desktop computer — it recognizes a camera as an available device and establishes an encrypted connection to the cloud. Implementing something of this sort does not require much in the way of sysadmin sorcery, and most employees will definitely find it enormously useful.This MUST be run on the PC that you will be running your cam on.