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each set of scenarios will have a sublist of games which must be played in order.

In Campaign mode you will be given a list of scenarios.

instead you will be given a small list of possible animals from which you can adopt a limited number of male and female specimens.

you can even clean up after the guests if you janitors are getting lazy. while in this mode you can take over some of the jobs of your zookeepers by raking poo, filling water troughs and cleaning your animals. as your zoo's fame increases you will be able to purchase better objects and buildings and more interesting animals. in order to gain access to many of the items and animals in this mode you must increase you zoo's fame level (also discussed later). don't worry though all the hard work you put into your other profiles will still be there. FREE FORM MODE This is the shovel and pail button in the middle of the screen.

you can find your profile and access your pictures by going to: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Microsoft Games\ Zoo Tycoon 2\Profile Name When you switch profiles or start a new one the screen may flicker a few times while the game resets everything. the only things which you do not have access to are the locked items which must be opened by completing campaigns and challenges. In a FF game you have unlimited cash and all animals, buildings and objects are open to you from the start. Challenge mode is great for the more serious tycoon player who wants to build a great zoo but also wants the thrill and satisfaction of managing the resources to make it run well. CAMPAIGN MODE This is the lock and key button in the middle of the screen. I really don't see much of a point to it, but, it is the way it is. you can access your photos outside of the game so you can post them on the net or do whatever you want with them. each profile will keep track of numerous things such as progress in a campaign, challenges completed and what items have been unlocked.