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She addresses the history of sex from the hermaphrodite perspective, she addresses the development of sexualities, points o Exactly the sort of book I've been looking for.

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Throughout the book Dreger indicates how this history can help us to understand present-day conceptualizations of sex, gender, and sexuality.In an epilogue, she discusses and questions the protocols employed today in the treatment of intersexuals (people born hermaphroditic).There are many varieties of intersexuality (a person is born with male and female characteristics). The severe cases are very rare, but they are very difficult to treat.Dreger challenges the “modernistic” treatment protocols which called for sex assignment early in life.Given the history recounted, should these protocols be reconsidered and revised? The historical approach to the subject explained a great deal about how we've come to think about "hermaphrodites." The book also points out how our notion of gender has hardly changed (it's almost become more strict) and how medicine deals with intersexed people.

Dreger touches on almost everything I know of in gender theory.

Dreger writes about the current situation with intersexed people and doctor's authority.

This was in 98, but more current books don't show a vast amount of improvement as far as the medical scene.

Sex did not only imply a person's physical sex, but gender and sexuality.

She mentions Focault and Butler, who were/are theorists in the same course of study- that is they approached systems from a historical developmental point of view.

Dreger prefers a “postmodern” approach that considers intersexuality normal and gender identity fluid.