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Teens get a lot of misinformation regarding different kinds of contraceptive methods, so it’s important to be clear about both of your expectations.

For instance, many guys assume that condoms are uncomfortable, without realizing that condoms come in many different sizes and materials.

But there’s no reason that revamping your home has to be expensive.

In fact, some of the most impactful changes can be …

Read More »Healthy Fit Care: Wearing makeup is a completely personal choice.

If you choose to do so, the number of products and styles available can be intimidating.

Read More »Healthy Fit Care: Chances are pretty good you’ve encountered imagery or descriptions of chakras before—perhaps without even knowing it.

At a spa, you may have seen that classic outline of a person resting in lotus pose with the seven rainbow orbs stacked along the center of their body. Read More »Healthy Fit Care: Barre changed my life. When I decided to get certified in barre I had no idea what life had in store for me.I had already fallen in love with barre as a student and was looking to broaden my expertise as a … Will you find yourself making salmon multiple times a week once you’ve tried these methods? The cooking methods in this article are perfect for …Read More »Healthy Fit Care: Cooking salmon is one of those things that sounds harder than it actually is. Read More »Healthy Fit Care: Redoing your home is a major undertaking, and tossing all of your old decor for everything new just isn’t in the budget for most people.Read More »Healthy Fit Care: You may have heard of vanishing twin syndrome—where one twin is absorbed by the other in the uterus during pregnancy—in the media over the past few years.One particularly stark example comes from the Huff Post story about a 2-year-old boy from China who “gave birth” through his abdominal …However, BOTH partners need to feel completely ready before having sex and both partners need to actively agree to have sex each and every time. Being in a healthy relationship that makes you happy, safe and comfortable is a good place to start!