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Since friending them will give them access to your friend network, they can then target your friends, and so on.“Unless you’re scrupulous about setting up friend groups and sticking untrusted people in low-privilege ‘acquaintance ghettos’ where they have limited access to your profile,” says Roberts. Hardly anyone, which is why the scams exist in the first place. It could be a clickbait post that you can’t investigate.Attached to the note was a file labeled simply SCARY. Yeah, the IM had come from her account, but she hadn't sent it. That night, Suzy's 20-year-old friend Nila Westwood got the same note, the same attachment. When she called her friend to see what she'd missed, things actually got freaky: Suzy'd never sent a thing.

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Perhaps they found you through a friend who is also gay, and they made an educated guess.Perhaps they eyeballed your social graph, and again, made an educated guess.“We’re not as evolved in regard to wariness about social media attacks as other types of attacks (web site, email), so scammers look to exploit that.”Although it might seem like you’re getting more of these requests lately, that’s not necessarily the case.It’s a big issue, Roberts says, but an endemic one.The scam seems nebulous and minor-league — so much so that it’s tough to understand the endgame.

That said, they probably warrant caution, so I reach out to Paul Roberts, who covers hacking and cyber threats as editor-in-chief of the cyber-security website , to better understand what these alluring — yet clearly malevolent — Facebook friend requests are all about. Most people aren’t that beautiful, Roberts says, stating the obvious.

Her little sister, Suzy, was doing the same thing down the hall.

The house was quiet, save the keyboard tapping in the girls' rooms, when the odd little instant message popped up on Melissa's screen—an IM from Suzy.

Facebook makes it easy to target users based on their interests and other various identifiers, Roberts explains.

Anyone who’s hosted an ad on Facebook has seen this firsthand.

For the next couple of weeks, the girls remained watchful for malware, insidious software capable of wreaking all sorts of havoc.