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Once they are a member - or “slave” - they are allegedly encouraged to recruit new women into their “slave pods”, stop dating, and be on call 24 hours a day to their “master”.

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New members are later taken by surprise, told to strip naked and then forcibly branded, according to Parlato.

They allegedly have to follow strict 500 to 800 calorie a day diets because leader Raniere prefers skinny women and tells his followers that fat “interferes” with his energy levels.

He responded “Yes, your honour” when Judge Steven L.

Tiscione asked whether he understood the charges the FBI filed against him — sex trafficking and forced labour conspiracy.

She also eventually appeared in the two-part series finale.

It was announced in March 2012 that Mack was cast in the television series Personal life She announced her engagement to the guy she dated for a long time, Peter (March 2003).The controversial leader is also said to have a harem of women who willingly sleep with him, believing that they will “be healed” by having sex with the 57-year-old - who they apparently call “Vanguard”.Raniere appeared in court on April 13 in New York after being arrested in Mexico.They even share an addiction for Chapters bookstores.In May 2010 it was announced that Mack will not be appearing as a series regular on the final season of , but will return for several episodes.However the organisation has now been described as a “cult” in which women were allegedly branded, blackmailed and brainwashed.