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Sal was saying that he didn't care about a lot of that stuff but he didn't even know that London wasn't a country. Howard said he misses the guy because he died after smoking for years and years. Robin got to her news and started off with a story about a guy who attacked a kid the day he got out of prison.

Sal said he doesn't know about that stuff and he doesn't care. He said that he went to Suffolk Community college and he thinks that they'll let anyone in there. He said that Frank would probably rethink that one if he could do it over again. He kidnapped two 15 year old girls and an 11 year old.

Howard asked her a bunch more and she didn't get them all right either. Howard asked Sal some more questions that he asked Sarah and Sal was getting those wrong too. Ralph called in and said that hot chicks are dopey and anyone can get a hot chick. He said that Freddy had a lot more talent than Adam Lambert does. Howard said she actually yelled at Benjy in the green room.

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Shuli and Scott Ferrall will be covering the games. Robin had corrected him about the leader being a prime minister and it's actually the President.

That led to Howard and Steve talking about Shuli and how good he is as a news man there. Will said he's going to keep track of the stories that Robin screws up in the news every day. am Howard played Robin in with the Psyche song parody that he had played earlier in the morning called ''Use Her Body.'' Howard said he saw Robin dancing during the commercials on Howard TV and he really dug it.

Howard thought it talked but it must have needed batteries. Howard said he might be crazy but Riley might be making himself lighter skinned with the bobble head. Steve wasn't sure what he was dressed up like that for. Howard said he knew that and they threw that one out anyway.

Howard said that they had Riley's web site on the bobble head. Steve said that they have some news about Iron Sheik being at the Grammy Awards on the red carpet on Sunday. Steve got in a plug for the NFL coverage they're going to have on SIRIUS XM this weekend. Will was the one who wrote the question and he came in and apologized for that.

Riley told his fans that they can help him in two ways.

They can buy more symbols or buy more products from him.Howard said we're getting nuts with that kind of stuff.Howard said Riley Martin did a show last night and he's asking for money directly from the fans now. Riley was telling the fans he might have to leave if he doesn't make more money than he's making now.He brought up Benjy's contract with Sarah and that led to them talking more about that for a short time. He said that Howard fought the FCC and Frank had to do that too. Howard said he would back his stuff up with facts and he loved the guy.The guys also brought up Sal's answers during the game and how wacky they were. Howard said he adored Frank and he had him on the show a few times. Howard said it's a shame that Frank's kids missed out on time with him. Howard took another call from a guy who asked about the party and if she was showing her vag there. She said she has a habit of touching herself though. Another caller asked about the game and why Howard is so lenient with the game. They also talked about how nuts Sal is when it came to the Cold War question. Sal said he thought it was with countries that were cold and had said that they were Iceland and England.