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What I did find on my travels, however, were some fascinating snippets relating to the creation of the Poldark book saga and the wonderful TV series, returning this Sunday (series 4) on BBC1.

I discovered that the creator of the Poldark books, Winston Graham, had another family name in mind originally for his 18th-century hero – an outrageous idea!

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We stopped briefly at the lovely fishing village of Mousehole (pronounced Mousell), south of Penzance.There’s no connection to Poldark but it’s one of the loveliest villages in south Cornwall with a wide harbour.It was Turner, when he heard about the guy’s complaints who went back later to give him a signed copy of a newly published coffee table edition of the book We based ourselves for our trip at the Cornwall Hotel in St Austell was once a private mansion with sprawling grounds and a laid-back ambience.It’s also where some of the stars stay when filming at nearby Charlestown, including Turner.He stays in one of the suites, and having been sworn to secrecy, I can’t reveal which one.

A friendly hotel receptionist did admit, however, that Turner, true to form, prefers to keep a low profile and takes breakfast in his suite.

During filming, we were told, one of the residents of the nearby hamlet was annoyed at finding the crew blocking the entrance to his front garden, while filming, while he had to wait on the sidelines, kicking up the turf.

Perhaps he was one of the few residents in the area without a passion for Poldark.

When he calls for room service the housemaids apparently champ at the bit to see who can deliver breakfast to the suite.

She also told us how on one occasion, when a few of the cast were staying, Turner and Tomlinson breezed into reception after a day’s shoot in full period costume.

Everyone seems to have their own take on the Poldark phenomenon.