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It’s best to use this uploader by itself and without other profile fields.

If you’re building your own profile edit page with other fields, WP User Avatar is automatically added to the show_user_profile and edit_user_profile hooks.

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You can specify a user with the shortcode, but you must have shortcode in your posts.It will detect the author of the post or you can specify an author by username.In this article, we’re going to talk about how Word Press’ default Gravatar system works, and explain what its downsides are.Then we’ll teach you how to replace it with a better version in three simple steps. By default, Word Press uses the Gravatar platform to handle profile pictures.These users will see a slightly different interface because they are allowed only one image upload.

For Administrators, WP User Avatar adds a column with avatar thumbnails to your Users list table.This means you use the same uploader and library as your posts.No extra folders or image editing functions are necessary.If you’d rather have WP User Avatar in its own section, you could add another hook: if there is no WP User Avatar image.For this to work, “Show Avatars” must be checked in your WP User Avatar settings.Note: If you are using one shortcode without a caption and another shortcode with a caption on the same page, you must close the caption-less shortcode with a forward slash before the closing bracket: Note: “alignleft”, “alignright”, and aligncenter” are common Word Press CSS classes, but not every theme supports them. If you use the values “original”, “large”, “medium”, or “thumbnail”, no width or height will be added to the image.