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Night vision and motion detection are good, and though the app is not the most elegant thing are included but there's no sound with these cameras and you are limited to 1GB of storage space in the cloud free of charge.

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No current smart home camera is as fun to use as the Logi Circle 2.

Rather than treating it as a friendlier sort of CCTV, Logitech has done its best to make this gadget the home monitoring equivalent of a Fitbit.

This is one of the most responsive smart cameras going, with only a second or so of lag in the live feed and quick, reliable responses to any commands you make in the app.

Zooming in and out of the video feed in particular is the fastest we’ve seen, and you can easily switch the field of view from the default 180 degrees to something narrower.

It’s great if you want to keep an eye on your dog while at work, rather than scan for burglars.

There’s two-way talking too, making Logi Circle 2 an ideal gran cam.As well as an app that's slicker than most, the Circle 2 can also be controlled by Amazon Echo (Alexa), Apple Home or one of Logitech’s Pop smart home buttons.Its design is quite pleasant too, with a free-swivelling mount that makes altering its angle a doddle. For longer-term access, you have to pay: £2.99 a month snags you 14-day Cloud access, or £7.99 a month for 31 days.Arlo (from Netgear) is not just a camera, it's a rapidly-growing range that shares the same software platform.As well as choosing between the Arlo, Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2, there are other variants for those wanting a more serious security and surveillance solution.We think the Logitech Circle 2 Wired is the best Wi-Fi camera you can get for indoor use – primarily as more of a gran cam than a security camera.