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Resist the urge to scrub the spots off, as they keep the demons at bay.

It is a normal defense mechanism of a Goth Girlfriend to quite simply become bats when angered or distressed.

For our final project, we were assigned to do something outside our comfort zones, with the intent to elicit reactions from those around us, as well as learn something about ourselves.

Because I was friends with the emo/goth hybrid kids in high school, I decided to spend a day as one of them, aesthetically anyway.

Dimly-lit rooms, your local BDSM dungeon, shady spots on sunny days, and the creepy-crawly sections of pet stores can also yield success.

Once you’ve won over your new Goth Girlfriend with actual candle-lit dinners and she begins to visit your home on a regular basis, you’ll notice that your sheets, pillowcases, couch and all other fabric surfaces will slowly become covered in a combination of black eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick.

You may think the small blueish stains now covering every surface in your bathroom is from your new Goth Girlfriend refreshing her black hair dye.

This is a common misconception, as the blue spots are simply the shed aura of the ancient deep magic which keeps her hair black of its own accord. Most look like like "BUTTERBALL- The CENOBITE fron the first Hellrasier movie." Goth Balls normally thrive around other goths; more like smaller goths orbit them. These fuckers think black is slimming but in fact black emphasizes their Monster Truck Carcasses.These fat fuckers think they're cool...they're quite the opposite...they're Hot..sweaty, smelling quite foul under all those layers of PVC, Leather and cloth. They tend to be FEMALES DATING Goth Men with ectomorph body frames( aka "Goth Klubz"- Goth Ball Chasers, as in chubby chasers!) The male variety tend to be big girls anyway, cause they're usually gay to begin with; occasionally stating and falsifing bisexual status; they kind of have to, who'ld wanna fuck these fat freaks anyway and they have to take what they can get aside from what they eat.Every Day is Halloween as everyday for them is a struggle to pile on their tarps of many dark fabrics and cheap sad clown make-up.