Google updating cached pages

Like so many Google efforts AMP is both good for the web and good for Google: by offering a way for sites to deliver pages to mobile devices more quickly it improves the reading experience for punters, while also making the web more friendly to Google’s ads.

So helpful to Google, in fact, that the company took it upon itself to serve some content from its own cache after Google searches.

Since this object is always the same for each user - unless the user updates his profile - I'd like to cache it.

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Until your site gets crawled again, this snapshot won’t change, and the way your site appears in Google will remain the same as well.

There are 2 main ways to get Google to recrawl your site, to refresh its “memory” and update its cache.

The same applies to most other well known search engines as well.

If you can get the webmaster to take the page down so you see a 404 “page not found” error then you can remove everything from the search results, not just the cache but the entire result. This isn’t just the easiest approach but also the fastest.

The cache that appears in Google’s search results is the copy of a web page as last seen by Google, i.e when they last visited the page.

They also show other information in the search results, including a title, snippet of text and a preview window.Google’s Tech Lead for the AMP Project, Malte Ubl, offered a third reason in a Tuesday post in which he wrote that current arrangements meant removing the URL would have let publishers know what readers were keen on before they visited sites, a privacy no-no.Hence Ubl’s announcement that Google has found a fix: by using the Web Incubator Community Group’s Web Packaging Standard it’s found a way to keep page delivery swift but also to preserve sites’ URLs when they’re served from Google’s cache.I have a User Info object that is generated on each page_prerender event.This object is generated from the db and contains general info and permissions info.Otherwise, we’d all still be using our Encarta CDs, or even (*gasp*) hardcover encyclopedias. Add fresh, interesting content to your site, and make sure it’s easy-to-read. Here are some popular page types you might not have yet but are great ways to supplement your content: Do not create pages with spam-like content.