Goodreads recommendations not updating

That gives you the basic difference between the sites in a nutshell: GR is centered on the social aspects, LT is centered on your books.Still, it’s more than possible to use them in a very similar way.

I also felt that things moved so quick sometimes that things seemed too easy or parts were missing from the story.

I have about two more weeks in this buddy read and I am really liking this book a lot. It is taking a lot of self control to not rush ahead of the reading schedule. I am slowly making my way through this Russian classic, I am currently at 19%.

Its customizable home page, recently revamped, gives pride of place to a search-box that searches your own library of books.

By default, the next item down is your recently added books.

But it’s ridiculous enough to use two, so I haven’t tried any others.

The first thing to address is, why use a book cataloging website at all?

I am really surprised at how timeless the story plot really is.

It also is very easy to read, the translator did an amazing job!

I used to love books in this genre, but not so much anymore.

I also read this in a buddy read and a few of us agree that if you like the first part you may not like the rest of the book, or if you find the first part undesirable, you will like the rest of the book more.

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