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Intelligent people are questioning the rigid statutes that result in youth becoming felons and violent sexual offenders for sending photos of themselves or passing along photos of classmates. When society pushes back on these statutes, many prosecutors respond, “Just ignore this extreme power grab, because I’ll exercise my authority responsibly, and I’ll prosecute the bad ones and dismiss the good ones.” But John Adams said it best: America is a nation of laws, not of men.

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The answer is “True” if your kid lives in one of the many states, like Colorado, that doesn’t have laws specifically addressing teens who sext. Earlier this week, it was revealed that an unspecified number of Cañon City High School students had been suspended for using their smartphones to share explicit photos of their fellow students — apparently all consenting, but all under age 18. And common it is: A recent Drexel University survey reported that an eye-popping 54 percent of college students said they had sent sexually explicit photos or messages when they were under the age 18, almost always in the context of flirting or a relationship.But here’s the unfair deal: It’s generally not a crime for adults to send nude or sexually explicit images of themselves or other consenting adults via smartphone or other devices.Shelley asks: When Dan won HOH the first time, the tv edit made it seem like you didn't trust Dan or his plan to put you up as a pawn/decoy, at what point did you actually start believing that Dan was telling you the truth about getting to F2 together? i'm not actually in chat anymore, but i wanted to ask why you thought it was necessary to wear that hat with the big stupid ass "M" on it? :) Disclaimer: Statements and opinions expressed in articles, reviews and other materials posted on Jokers are those of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Joker's Updates team. When prosecutors refuse to yield ground on these poorly worded statutes because it results in fairer, more accurate results rather than being the largest net possible, it would be appropriate to question their motives.

This is a sensitive topic and reasonable minds can disagree, but I’m pleased that the harsh, life-ruining consequences of good kids are being added to the conversation to counter-balance all the sensational cyber bullying stories.

— Make sure you’re familiar with the photo vault apps used to hide images.

Look for clues like a second calculator on the phone, or any app with “vault” in its name.

And what will be the most likely question to emerge from those parents' mouths as their kids bound off the bus or burst out of the school doors? The younger the child, the less they may be able to think over the whole day in an organized-enough manner to pick out some key details and start forming a narrative about it.

Especially if your child is prone to answering "Good" or "Fine" without elaborating (ahem!

In the Colorado case, the police began their investigation earlier this week after being alerted by school officials; Cañon City’s police chief Jim Cox told NBC News that the investigation was expected to take about a month.