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I’m incredibly passionate about how women are portrayed about my craft.

I am no nonsense when it comes to people who come in try to get in the business because they were on a reality show.

Signaling, perhaps, a mellowing of character, Joan, who had no problem with “self-scratching” in the past, now finds herself unable to do so.

In the end, Joan and Maya decide to meet up with Lynn at a nightclub and spend most of the night snacking on french-fries, while laying on a divan located in the middle of the dance floor.

Girlfriends: The Final Season also continues the series’ established tradition of touching upon political themes.

When Joan confesses to honorary girlfriend, William (Reggie Hayes) that she has been fantasizing about other men, William refers to Joan’s longing as nothing more than an “itch”.

This sets the stage for repartee on the benefits of “self-scratching”.

" /Parents need to know that the adult main characters on this series are struggling to juggle romance, career, and friendship.

However, the series that was once dubbed “the black Sex and the City” for its insistent sexual themes is now almost devoid of characters who wish to capitalize on their sex appeal.Savannah Chrisley and Dylan Mc Anally Baum hit the 2017 CMT Music Awards red carpet in search of those country stars who are "Dylan Approved." Hosted by Nashville's Charles Esten, country music's ...are taken out of context and people are made to be outlandish. Season 1, Episode 5October 9, 2000Although she's smothered by Marcus's stifling attentions, Joan doesn't want to hurt his feelings by terminating the relationship. Season 1, Episode 6October 30, 2000Fed up with being the butt of William's annual Halloween pranks, Joan tries to get even by luring William to the local morgue. It becomes about something other than the craft—I get it’s a business but we have to remember why we got into this—not to trend on social media, but really, truly be an artist.