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You too can be suave, no matter how much of a geek you are or have been. Pooty Pootwell [email protected] Pootwell is a hot property in Silicon Valley.

Thanks to the author, Eric Smith, who saw my interest in the book and offered me a free copy for review.

It's really nothing new, even for someone like me who has been on a whopping 3 dates in her entire life.

That said, there were some tips and tricks and insights that were decidedly focused on the shy, the innocent, and the n00bs among us geeks.

That was when I got a message from the author, asking if I would like a free copy.

So first off, thank you, Eric Smith, for sending me this free copy!! There is nothing worse than someone misspelling "Boba Fett" or mangling up "Live Long and Prosper" in an attempt to "get" us geeks.

But not just those things - be specific about those things. It's simply thanking her for her time; it doesn't mean anything in terms of the future.

If you really, really like her and want to see her again, you should ask her out at the end of your date.If you are going to ask her to a movie, make sure the movie is playing somewhere in driving distance and that it won't sell out before you get there ( Get tickets ahead of time). When you reach your destination, open the door for her again. 20) Call her within 24 hours of the goodbye to tell her you had a good time.If you are going to ask her to go berry picking, ascertain berries are in season. E.g., don't ask her at four-thirty on Friday afternoon if she wants to go to seven o'clock movie that night. 18) Wherever you go, lead the way; unless you're at a restaurant and you're being seated by the host - in that case, she follows the host and you follow her. Try an etiquette book.) 19) Continue to compliment her: her perfume, her smile, her eyes. You must to do this to solidify your suave-ness, no matter what kind of date you had.Gone are the days in school when dating just meant hanging out in someone's dorm or near her locker. " If you get this response, skip straight to Step 9. She may show the body language of a "Yes" but actually say that she already has plans for that day. All signs show she wants to say no to the date, not because she's busy but because she doesn't think she likes you, and she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Super suave move of the century after getting an unenthusiastic response to your date: Pause, waiting patiently. If she is veering into " No," say these words as nicely as possible: "I'm sorry. I just thought we might have fun going out, but maybe you just think of me as a friend.Now there are actual activities and planning involved, and implementing them can be awkward. BEFORE YOU ASK HER ON A DATE 3) Get to know her a little. (B) With an unenthusiastic "maybe" or long hesitation. She is trying to say no but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Relax, buddy, she probably just has plans for that day, like she says. I didn't mean to take you by surprise." Now hit pause again. (B) She shows relief by exhaling and smiling, then says something to the effect of, "You're right, you did take me by surprise, and I don't really think of you as anything but a friend. Notice some small, innocuous detail about her that you like -- "I like your hair like that." "You look really nice in that coat!That said, if you aren't on the up-and-up on multiple geek franchises, don't be surprised if you end up lost.