Girls going commando dating

However, after two days without panties, the adjustment to wearing them again — having to pull them out of my crack again — was hard to get used to.

During the day, I went for tights and a dress again — I’m getting a little predictable here — and had a pretty uneventful day for a commando commander.

Yet I picked up a lot more excitement in the evening, when at 11 p.m.

Buying new underwear is a practice most women flock to every couple of months, after all (even if guys can keep their boxers for around seven years).

Partially due to how freaking cute new underwear is, how confident you feel when you have your sex panties on and probably due to imagined concepts of hygiene, too.

I had never gone commando before (except for a few forays into running to the shop in leggings and a massive sweater) but as a sex-posi babe, I was surprised at my own aversion to it. I worried about my pubes getting stuck in my zip and causing deep emotional trauma.

Why hadn’t I attempted to copy the B in Apartment 23 and become Tall Slut, No Panties? I worried about everyone knowing I wasn’t wearing any panties and thinking of me as an unclean pervert instead of a cool hottie without the time to worry about underwear.However, I’m sure the feeling of freedom was one that drunk me rather enjoyed (she’s a very liberal kind of gal).I awoke to day two with a horrendous hangover and a want for the whole world to end so I wouldn’t have to go to work.My Chemical Romance" and the other was "Lady Gaga vs.Britney," how could I ever consider not going to that?I rang one of my besties to demand she let me accompany her on a night out.